About Me

I am a graphic designer, printmaker, and piano player from Woodbury, TN. I love working with bands, artists, and small businesses to create visuals that represent their work in a meaningful way. Everything I make is letterpress-based, hand drawn, or informed by the printmaking process. I spend part of my time designing and printing at Hatch Show Print, part of my time working with craft artists at The Arts Center of Cannon County, and part of my time working on freelance letterpress and design work in my humble Readyville, TN print shop. In my off hours, I’m working towards making things and playing old timey music with friends.

Finding Letterpress

My letterpress journey started at Middle Tennessee State University, taking Janet Higgins’ book arts class as part of my design curriculum. It was here that I met Brad Vetter, who was a visiting artist while I was a student. I was totally inspired by his work and approach. Brad also let me know that Hatch Show Print, where he worked at the time, was not an impenetrable museum as I’d imagined, but a thriving and welcoming print shop. I interned there in 2010, and was instantly hooked on designing in such a tangible way– the literal cutting and pasting vs what I was doing on screen totally changed my ideas about what I thought I’d be doing for a living. After completing my graphic design BFA, I went back to school to take all the printmaking courses offered.

Photo by Lani Asuncion
Photo by CK Photo

Hatch Show Print

In 2011 I started working at Hatch Show Print, where I’ve learned most of what I know about poster design, working with clients, and production printmaking. From Dolly Parton to American Standard, the NFL to corporate events, the range of clients has been challenging, exciting, and a continuous learning experience. I got to lead the internship program from 2016-2011, which began a love for teaching that I still hold today. Through Hatch, I have found community in the wonderful staff and friends of the shop, as well as the world of letterpress at large attending events like the Hamilton Wayzgoose. Hatch is the sort of business where clients become friends– I value those connections, and use this as a model for my own client relations.